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Every television show in the United States is accompanied by closed captions, makting it easier for the hearing impaired to understand the content. According to the American standard, closed captioning for the hearing impaired includes sound effects and speaker identification.
Elrom Studios has been servicing the US closed captioning market since 2004.
Captioning that Serves Everyone
Closed captioning not only helps the hearing impaired, it is also utilized by teachers as a tool to teach reading and improve language fluency, both for young children and adults for whom English is a second language.
Public places such as hotels, bars, restaurants, airports and ports use captions to ensure that viewers comprehend and enjoy the content even in a noisy, crowded environment.
Current research estimates that some 120 million people view closed captions. With an ever-growing audience, it is especially important that programs are broadcast with high quality captions, allowing all viewers an equal chance to understand the content and enjoy it fully.
Thanks to the services offered by Elrom Studios, customers may now turn to an increasing target audience and realize the dream of equal content access for all.
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